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    The Hunting Birds Take Flight With Their New Single: Flashlight

    The Hunting Birds Take Flight With Their New Single: Flashlight

    Melbourne-based The Hunting Birds return with a new single, ‘Flashlight.’

    The track showcases more of the trio’s prolific songwriting that earned them a 2019 WAM Award.


    This Melbourne-based three-piece outfit consisting of Connor Minervini, Kendra Fewster and Chris Mackenzie have been blending their enchanting meld of pop songwriting with the elegance of indie/folk musician in a unique way.

    ‘Flashlight’ is the indie-pop product of Kendra (vocals/keys) processing the pressures and anxieties of young adulthood, whilst forging ahead with her aspirations, not allowing others to deter her from her goals.

    “I wrote ‘Flashlight’ at a time where I felt completely consumed by pressure,” Kendra explains. “I had and still do have a lot of anxiety over my next moves as a young adult. I was waiting for some kind of sign, while feeling completely dormant in my life and growth while days keep ticking by. It’s that point that you hit where you throw your hands up in the air and want to sneak away into the shadows hoping no one asks questions so you have to go back to society’s expectations and a fear of wasting time.”

    The trio took the song to long-time confidant Joel Quartermain, who helped refine the song to its final product.

    “Going into the studio, we had the mission to allow an unapologetic love for pop music shine through,” tells Kendra. “I have a strong love for harmonies, and Joel was devoted to creating layers of deliciously crunchy vocals to consume the listener sporadically. Connor set the tone with the idea of taking inspiration from The Beatles-esk acoustic guitar feels, and it kind of took on its own life from there.”

    The band’s infectious ear wormed works, and incredibly cohesive live shows have made them a must-see act over the last few years.

    The indie-pop trio have been playing shows together for the past four years. They recently won “Pop Song of the Year” for their single ‘Currents’ at the 2019 WAM Awards, and played shows all across the state and beyond, including at Falls Festival, Byron Bay Bluesfest, and Australia Day at Circular Quay.

    They have also supported top tier names like The Lumineers, Hanson, Newton Faulkner, Sheppard, Xavier Rudd, Holy Holy, Gavin James and British India.

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