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    5 Best Performing Semiconductor Stocks Record An Average ROI of 27% YTD

    5 Best Performing Semiconductor Stocks Record An Average ROI of 27% YTD

    Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that the five best performing semiconductor stocks have an ROI of 27.2%. The ROI is on a Year-to-Date basis.

    Semiconductor stocks soar amid 5G evolution

    According to the data, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has the highest ROI at 47.4% followed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company with returns of 34.09%.

    QUALCOMM, Inc. has recorded the third highest ROI at 32.34% while Broadcom, Inc. lies in the fourth spot with returns of 12.98%. Texas Instruments, Incorporated. closes the best performing ROI stocks at 9.2%.

    Several factors led by emerging technologies have spurred the growth of semiconductor stocks. According to the research report:

    “The semiconductors’ stocks are expected to keep soaring as the world aggressively continues to shift towards the highly publicized 5G network. There has been an increasing demand for high speed hence the accelerated deployment of 5G technology.

    The technology promises a higher speed than the current 4G due to low latency. The industry stocks are now emerging as a perfect portfolio diversifier. Currently, many manufacturers are focusing on the mass production of 5G phones.

    With the production, 4G phones are expected to phase out giving prominence to semiconductor companies.”

    The Stock Apps research also reviewed the other five poorly performing semiconductors where Tower Semiconductor is the worst-performing at -25.15%. Intel Corporation has an ROI of -15.86% while ON Semiconductor Corporation ROI’s stands at -13.08%. Micron Technology returns stand at -8.44% while NXP Semiconductors N.V has an ROI of -4.08%.

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