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    Escape To The Wilderness With New Limited Series From Trailguide Pictures

    Escape To The Wilderness With New Limited Series From Trailguide Pictures

    Trailguide Pictures, a landscape, and adventure film company has launched a new limited video series taking viewers along the Canadian wilderness camping and canoe tripping.

    During this unprecedented time of uncertainty while the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, a time when people are living with the feelings that come from being isolated, there is a growing need for outlets to escape and unwind.

    Through this new limited series, viewers can Escape to the Wilderness in this 4K Ultra High Definition video and go out on a canoe camping trip through the remote landscape of Noganosh Lake Provincial Park, in Ontario Canada.

    The four-part series begins with the title episode “Escape to the Wilderness: Noganosh” which showcases the highlights of the series.

    Filmed to provide a way to virtually get outside into nature and unwind during a time when many people around the world are quarantined at home. The first episode is free of narrative or conversational dialogue and instead uses natural ASMR soundscape to create a relaxing visual journey.

    “I believe it’s important to get outdoors into nature,” says video Producer Jason Eke. “There’s more to it than just getting out for fresh air or exercise. Some people might like to spend their time at sporting events or perhaps at the cinema but for me, the wilderness is the theatre that I want to spend my time. I don’t know of any other environment that can have such a dramatic effect on the way I feel.”

    Visually the series is nothing short of spectacular. With scenes ranging from canoeing during a heavy rain downpour, to beautiful evening sunsets, fishing for monster-sized largemouth bass, and wildlife sightings of moose and great blue heron. Filmed in 4K Ultra High Definition adds to the wow factor of these amazing scenes by providing super crisp video images.

    As the series continues through the episodes viewers can enjoy following Jason Eke, a veteran cedar-strip canoe builder, and outdoorsman, on this backcountry canoe camping trip through Noganosh Lake Provincial Park.

    Eke continues, “I hope this limited series will do more than showcase a natural landscape, I hope viewers will be able to relax for a moment and hopefully find a connection and reason to appreciate these open, wild places that we have available to us.”

    Noganosh Lake Provincial Park is classified as a waterway class provincial park in recognition of its representative natural features and historical resources. It is a non-operating park surrounded by Crown land and endless small lakes, located approximately 400 km north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Adventure Film Company

    Trailguide Pictures had its beginnings with video programs focused on teaching the skill of cedar-strip canoe building, as time progressed programming was added which included skills development topics like how to tie knots (which have been viewed several million times), bushcraft, and wilderness camping.

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