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    How To Check If You Have The Best CBD Oil

    How To Check If You Have The Best CBD Oil

    As CBD oil continues to soar in popularity, you will need to be more aware with how you can distinguish high-quality CBD oil from a low-quality one.

    Because of its widespread demand, this also means that soon enough, there’s going to be more dispensaries popping out. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all of these shops will be selling quality products. There may be others that are merely after your money and are not willing to offer quality products. You wouldn’t want this to happen to you.

    Even more so, the choice to purchase CBD oil may mostly be coming from the fact that you’re looking for a safer and more natural alternative to many of the common health medications. For you to receive the best of these benefits, the CBD oil you’re using must also be of good quality. When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t take any chances. Besides this, the use of CBD is also proving to be quite beneficial for the pets as well. You can find great variety of cat supplements with CBD here.

    That said, here are tips on how you can check if you’ve got the best CBD oil:

    1. Check The Means Of Extraction

    Among all the other means of CBD extraction, the best that you should look out for is extraction through C02 or alcohol. These are two of the safest solvents to be used when extracting CBD. That way, you’re sure that any other agent or solvent does not hamper the quality of your CBD.

    2. Availability Of Third-Party Lab Testing

    Third-party lab testing is one of the most important legal requirements for CBD products to be sold in the market. A high-quality CBD brand will always have the third-party lab testing results readily available when customers ask for it. So, check to see if the brand you’re looking to buy has one.

    The presence of a third-party lab testing is vital for the following reasons:

    • To verify that the CBD oil contains everything that it claims to have in the labels
    • To check that the CBD oil has little to no levels of THC and other impurities, else the CBD oil ceases to be non-psychoactive
    • To determine whether or not the CBD oil is indeed safe for use and consumption

    3. Grown In Places Where Soil Testing Is Required

    Even though CBD has now been legalized, this doesn’t also mean that you’re going to find so many growers and manufacturers everywhere you go. Because of its nature, the growth and manufacturing of hemp plants is still a highly controlled industry. One of these controls that are required is soil testing.

    A good quality CBD oil should also be one that came from hemp or marijuana plant that is grown in areas where soil testing was successfully done. This is very important as hemp has the high ability to absorb whatever is placed on it as it grows. This can be a good thing when all it absorbs are good nutrients and minerals. But, when chemicals intoxicate the soil, this means that the hemp plant will also contain these toxic chemicals.

    The safest and best quality CBD oil should be those that don’t contain any trace of toxic chemicals. Such chemicals include fungus, solvents, pesticides, or heavy metal.

    4. Look At The Ingredients Contained In The Label

    One of the essential ingredients that you should always double-check is the amount or trace of THC in your CBD oil. The THC contained should not go beyond 0.3% of the total quantity. Else, your CBD oil will be considered an illicit substance. Even more importantly, it’ll no longer be of good quality as this oil will now be psychoactive.

    At all times, you should ensure that the CBD oil you purchase is the safest one to use. The safest CBD oil doesn’t always have to be expensive, too. Don’t be too fixated on the price when looking around a dispensary. Don’t be afraid to go for the affordable options also, for as long as you read the label.


    Before reading this article, you may have consistently been asking yourself whether or not the CBD oil that you have on hand is of high-quality. Now, you don’t have to be as doubtful as you used to. It’s easier now for you to make that definitive decision as to whether or not you’ve got good quality CBD oil. Before you head out shopping, keep in mind these tips. That way, you’re assuring yourself that you won’t bring home a regrettable purchase.

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