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    How To Make The Most Of Your Small Home

    How To Make The Most Of Your Small Home

    Just because your pad is mini doesn’t mean it has to be cramped.

    In fact, there are numerous tricks you can play when decorating and furnishing to make your place feel much more spacious. Here are a few key tips…

    Open it up with lighting

    The first thing you need to do is let in as much natural light as possible. Do curtains or blinds get in the way even when open? Is there anything in the garden blocking light from coming in? Then think about lighting within the room itself. If you don’t have room for table or floor lamps, then try recessed ceiling lights or pendant lighting so the room can glow with warmth.

    Versatile furniture

    There are lots of options for furniture that folds away, thus saving you precious space when you’re not using it. Dining tables and chairs are an obvious one, for those with small kitchens and living rooms, but you can also get foldaway office desks and even beds that disappear into the wall. Otherwise, you could buy furniture that has more than one use – such as a couch that doubles as a bed.

    Creative storage

    There’s lots of furniture for sale that offers additional storage and, therefore, reduces any potential clutter. Ottomans are a good option – they can be used as a comfy stool while also providing additional room in their hollow center. There are beds that come with storage beneath, and tables that come with drawers. You can also buy wardrobes that save space – sliding wardrobes are very convenient because they don’t use the extra room that other wardrobes need to open.

    Use mirrors

    This is an old trick for giving the illusion of more space. Mirrors reflect light and also the view of the room, giving it far more depth and giving the place a brighter, more airy quality. One large mirror will do a great job for you, as will several small mirrors placed strategically around the room.

    Choose the right colors

    There’s no single rule for which colors are best to use in a small space. But a safe option is to keep them light and neutral. White or grey are great for walls, cabinets, ceilings, and furniture. They not only give the room a brightness but also allow the likes of paintings and photographs to really stand out. Some people like to use dark colors on the ceiling or to contrast with light colors elsewhere (i.e. dark walls with white cabinets in a kitchen). This works well if you use semi-gloss paint, as this will reflect light.

    Take a look around your home and determine what takes up the most room, and where looks the most cluttered. With a bit of imagination, you’ll find there’s normally a solution for achieving more space (or a feeling of more space) to give you a little extra room to breathe.

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    How To Make The Most…

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