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    INSTIRE, The Real Time Staffing App for Millennials

    INSTIRE, The Real Time Staffing App for Millennials

    INSTIRE Inc. is a Miami-based company operating a mobile app, INSTIRE, that disrupts the recruitment industry.

    INSTIRE, the app for instant hiring, connects employers who have urgent or future staffing needs with candidates who are available for immediate interviewing, willing to work right away, or according to their availability.

    This new marketplace allows real-time interactions between recruiters and candidates for any planned or unplanned hiring needs.

    INSTIRE is essentially dedicated to the employment of millennials to help them find – with their criteria of area, schedule, and type of employment – their first job, side job, internship, or micro-internship.

    INSTIRE offers innovative, effective, and user-friendly features:

    • 1-minute sign-up
    • Video-resumes
    • Instant map visualization of jobs/candidates in the area
    • Instant interviewing over the phone
    • Hiring confirmation with a simple tap
    • Mutual rating tool (employers and candidates rate one another)
    • All-in-one staffing tool: Job posting, interviews, hiring, HR management

    In the global crisis we are currently facing, INSTIRE is meant to be at the forefront of the recruitment scene!

    For businesses who are stressfully re-organizing their operations, INSTIRE is the tool to facilitate and shorten the hiring process, providing direct access to a large, local, and energetic labor force eager to work.

    The service will be FREE until the end of the year 2020.

    INSTIRE INC. is currently fundraising (seeking $1.5M seed round) to sustain its growth.

    Download on the App Store.
    Get it on Google Play.


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