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    Using Blockchain To Preserve, Discover, and Expand the World of Art

    Using Blockchain To Preserve, Discover, and Expand the World of Art

    In light of the many issues with the traditional banking systems that have thus far ruled the world of money, financial markets are rapidly changing on a global scale: cryptocurrencies are leading the charge for a better, more transparent future.

    Why crypto?

    Many people are growing weary of banking institutions, not only in countries where the monetary system utterly failed (think of what happened in places such as Greece or Venezuela in recent years) but also in major financial markets. Cryptocurrencies stand out as a more transparent and reliable option by their decentralized design.

    Blockchain technology, which lies at the core of the cryptocurrency concept allows for decentralized transactions from user to user, without the need for a third party, such a broker or a banking institution. Cryptocurrency users enjoy more freedom and more control over their money and investments.

    As digital currencies are gaining momentum, they are increasingly being used for purposes that transcend the digital world, such as buying products, investing in real estate, developing businesses and more. It is not surprising that many art investors are starting to use their crypto capital as well.

    Platforms such as have always been at the forefront when it comes to innovating the art investment industry, paving the way for this growing market to enter a new renaissance. From providing investors with essential tools and closely safeguarding and promoting the value of artistic assets, the Artrium team managed to create a very low-friction platform, dedicated to investor trading in the artistic world. Primarily, the company purchases art pieces with careful value assessments by art critics and experts. The value of an asset is later divided into secure blockchain-based shares for stakeholders.

    Calling out to art professionals: understanding the importance of attracting the investors of tomorrow…today!

    In this day and age, art professionals need to understand that cryptocurrency investors represent a significant new direction on the market and that many of them are opening up to the value and opportunities of the art investment world. We are seeking qualified and interested potential members, eager to push the art market forward via cutting-edge technology.

    As members of the Artrium Foundation Council, you certainly realize that art investment is a fluid world and that the trends can move very rapidly. Right now, the hottest thing to be on the lookout for is definitely the cryptocurrency world. Many people recently managed to become quite successful by investing in cryptocurrencies, and are looking for other ways to wisely diversify their investments. The art market is undoubtedly one of such outlets.

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    Using Blockchain To …

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