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    ShowOff Your Life Releases Magnetic Smartphone Mount with Bluetooth Remote

    ShowOff Your Life Releases Magnetic Smartphone Mount with Bluetooth Remote

    Perfect for Spring Breaking or weekend adventures, this latest device allows for remote-controlled photography, body-camming and more!

    Looking for the latest, hottest tech gear to show off your spring break adventures? Check out this innovative Magnetic Smartphone Mount with Bluetooth Remote by ShowOff Your Life! Eliminate additional, bulky devices, wires and charger by turning your phone into your motion camera device!

    The ShowOff Super Mount is the most versatile phone mount on the market, transforming any smartphone into a personal photographer, body cam, dash cam, and more instantly. Highlight your hikes, stream your surfing adventure or snap beach pics from anywhere with one easy-to-use device!

    ShowOff Your Life has recently revamped their revolutionary mounting system so it is better than ever! The mount uses an innovative magnet system to secure to workout machines, clothing, review mirrors and more! There are no chords, chargers or memory cards, and no software to download. In addition to the new smaller size, more versatile mounting options, and anti-scuff pads, they’ve also made the back open for customization. Companies can now get their logos printed to hand out as promos and more.

    ShowOff Super Mount Features:

    • Turns any surface into an instant tripod
    • Sticks to metal, mirrors, and smooth surfaces
    • Built with anti-slip and anti-scuff pads
    • Fits most smartphones and cases
    • Comes with a Bluetooth remote for hands-free photos up to 30 feet away

    This brilliant mounting system is perfect for highlighting your relaxing day by the pool or exploring the highest mountains on this years spring break trip! “ShowOff” your adventures with ShowOff Your Life! Leave behind bulky tripods or awkward selfie sticks and enjoy the hands-free freedom of ShowOff Your Life Smartphone Mount.

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