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    Organic Mixes Stir Up Healthier Options

    Organic Mixes Stir Up Healthier Options

    Drake’s Organic Spirits announced today that it has introduced new handcrafted Mojito, Moscow Mule and Vodkarita organic mixes created specifically to be blended with Drake’s award-winning Organic White Rum and Drake’s Premium Organic Vodka.

    The mixes provide consumers, restaurants, bars, and venues with turn-key delicious and healthier cocktails.

    Drake’s is the first and only spirit line in the world to be certified USDA Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, and Kosher. Drake’s Organic Mixes will soon be available nationally at select retail locations and by visiting here.

    “The right mix makes a good cocktail great,” said Drake’s founder and CEO Mark Anderson. “Drake’s Organic Mixes are convenient, healthier and delicious. Organic products taste better and are better for our planet and bodies. Our spirits and mixes are no exception.”

    Proceeds from the sale of Drake’s Organic Spirits and Drake’s Organic Mixes help support Long Lake Animal Rescue, an animal rescue foundation that takes in animals in need of a second chance at life.

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    Organic Mixes Stir U…

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