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    The Grill Is Your Oyster

    The Grill Is Your Oyster

    Designed to expand your grilling prowess, the Outset Oyster Grill Pan is the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer!

    Crafted from durable cast iron, the pan retains heat and doubles as a beautiful grill to table serving piece. Cook oysters in a pool of flavor with minimum effort!

    The world is your oyster! OK, maybe not the whole world, but this pan is your oyster. Use this versatile 12-section pan to grill oysters on the half shell or shucked. You can also use it to serve chilled oysters on the half shell, make single serving mac & cheese, drop biscuits, mini corn bread, and more.

    Fire up your creativity.

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    The Grill Is Your Oy…

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