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    ELUNIA Releases Emotional EP, “DEEP END”

    ELUNIA Releases Emotional EP, “DEEP END”

    When reality became too much, ELUNIA created an alternative existence.

    A singer-songwriter-producer executing all of her own visuals, the New Hampshire-based recording artist captures the endless meaning of human interaction as an immersive experience. Her music delves beneath the surface, with striking electronic textures, soaring melodies, and observant, probing lyrics.

    Although trained in music from an early age, it was the discovery of transforming feelings into creative entities that inspired the emerging songsmith to chart a different path. The multi-instrumentalist began writing and producing incessantly, hiding away in school practice rooms as a coping mechanism for the isolation she faced in the world around her. Fragments of thought noted in the midst of heart-wrenching moments evolved into ethereal, liquid atmospheres. Co-producing with multi-million streamed producer JMAC (Haux, Luz), the result is a flood of wild self-expression channeled through cinematic soundscapes.

    Her new five-track EP, DEEP END, is a fresh and fluid, deep-blue dive into ELUNIA’s waves of emotions narrating the motions of life as an outsider. Sonically, the EP has classical undertones under a mystical, oceanic bed of electro moments, all carrying dark currents with a glitter of hope. With gentle swirling synths and ELUNIA’s tender vocals, each single shows the progression of the young artist’s personal development through an observant lens of mental health, exploring the societal pressures of conformity vs. individuality.

    She explains,

    “The listener follows my path to finding a feeling of purpose, from the growing pains of bullying and exclusion to discovering people and experiences where I felt wholly accepted, and for the first time, at peace, with my own identity.”

    Leading single “Pressure Points” speaks of idolizing someone through a struggle with mental health and the fear of losing them. ELUNIA describes, “It’s not like someone is outright saving you, but more that they’re just existing in the right places and the right ways, and it’s really subtle, but that makes it all the more powerful.” “Pressure Points” features cries of hazy guitar falls and atmospheric keys, all shimmering with authenticity. The mellow track includes original voice memos with birdsong floating in the background, resulting in a hypnotic and peaceful delivery and ultimately giving listeners a moment to breathe and appreciate our inner strength.

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