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    The 5 Dos And Don’ts Of Working Out At Home

    The 5 Dos And Don’ts Of Working Out At Home

    Home workouts are on the rise for two reasons.

    The first is technology, which has changed the way we consume fitness products.

    You don’t have to step foot into a gym to have a fitness club-level workout. You can meet your instructor online and have your workout in a corner of your bedroom. The second is COVID 19. As the pandemic stretches on and the waves of lockdowns come and go, gyms are one of the public spaces that are closed in response.

    If you’re home trying to work out because of either reason, fear not, use these 4 dos and don’ts to get the best result from your home workout.

    1. Do establish a routine

    One of the best ways to ensure success with your home fitness regime is to establish a routine. Think about it. When you pay for a gym membership, you have a whole routine set up around it.

    If you go to the gym before you head to work, you probably have your gym gear packed in a bag, ready to go in the morning.  You’ve got a change of clothes for work that you grab on the way out. You’ve got breakfast made up the night before.

    Just because you aren’t going to the fitness club doesn’t mean you dispense with the routine. Having one will assist with your motivation and discipline.

    2. Do your pre-workout warm-up and stretches. Complete your cool down after

    There’s an important reason you must complete these. Stretching and warm-ups reduce your risk of injury during your workout. They also give your cardiovascular system a chance to ease into a more intense exercise session.

    Cooling down also allows your body to perform the opposite process: ease its way back into normalcy. You won’t stop a high-intensity workout abruptly, which can damage your heart or your lungs.

    There is some anecdotal evidence that both appear to improve post-workout recovery time, but there still needs to be a scientific investigation of this.

    3.Do set realistic goals for yourself

    It helps your overall performance when you decide to go in, how much you are what you are trying to accomplish. You can click here to get help with goal setting. Correct goal setting can also really help with your motivation as you attain achievable goals.

    If you decide to lose 20 pounds in one week, you’re going to become frustrated when that doesn’t happen because it’s an unrealistic goal. If you distribute this over a period of time, you won’t find yourself disappointed or have your self-esteem diminished.

    4. Do watch your technique

    When you’re home working out, it’s easy to not remember the proper workout form because you have no mirrors to see yourself and you have no instructor physically present to see and correct your form.

    Remember the correct posture is important because you can injure yourself if you don’t adopt it. Now that you know what to do, here are some things that you shouldn’t during your home workout.

    5. Do eat a clean, balanced diet

    Even if you’re working out for 2-3 hours each day, you’re not going to see any positive results unless you make an effort to eat clean! The food that you eat contributes massively towards the way that you feel too, so you might find that you don’t have the energy to push yourself during your home workouts either. Making an effort to consume a clean, balanced diet that’s made up of natural wholefoods, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein will boost your home workouts like never before, allowing you to reach your full potential and achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.

    There are lots of resources that teach you about how to eat a healthy diet that provides bundles of energy, so don’t be afraid to do some research to figure out what changes you need to make to your current eating habits. 

    1. Don’t Ignore Injuries

    It’s absolutely vital that you must never ignore any injuries, aches, or pains during your home workout sessions, as these are clear signs that something is wrong and requires your attention. Attempting to push through the pain will do nothing but make your injury far worse than it needs to be, so acknowledge your pain and stop your workout immediately so that you can rest and get to the bottom of the issue. Moon boots don’t make the greatest home workout companion, so if you find yourself feeling discomfort during exercise then contact your health care professional to see why the pain is occurring before you continue your new fitness regime.

    2. Don’t neglect to find a workout “buddy”

    Going to the physical gym keeps you accountable in many ways. There are the people who you attend class to cheer you on as you hit your goals. Also, your instructors keep you on track.

    This is harder when you are working out at home. Have a close friend or family member check up on your workouts to keep you honest.

    3. Don’t forget to support your workout with a good diet

    So many people who work out are quick to count their reps but are not as disciplined about counting their calories. Paying attention to what you eat is a critical part of the equation in whatever fitness goal you are trying to achieve.

    Eating well means you have the ability to power those workouts and recover from them faster among other benefits.

    4. Don’t start working out before you get the ok from your doctor

    In their enthusiasm to become healthier, many people start their workout with clearance from their doctors. This could be dangerous. You may have an undiagnosed condition that may be exacerbated by certain kinds of workouts.

    Get an assessment from your doctor as to what the best kind of exercise would be for your particular fitness goal.

    5. Don’t forget to take joy in your progress

    Celebrate your fitness wins, no matter how small they are. It means you are making progress. Marking the meeting of your goals will build your confidence and encourage you to set and meet others once you see they can be accomplished.

    Your home workout doesn’t have to be very different from your routine at the gym. All that is required is some thought, hard work and dedication.

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