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    Survey Reveals At What Age People Are Most Affected By Mainstream Media

    Survey Reveals At What Age People Are Most Affected By Mainstream Media

    Do you recall how old you were when you encountered what would become your favorite movie, TV show, book, or album?

    At first blush, it might seem like a silly detail, but think about it—the media we watch, read, and listen to teaches us about, and helps shape, our world.

    A lot of research has been conducted on when we are most impressionable in general, but wanted to know specifically about the age at which we are most affected by our media consumption, and what content specifically leaves a mark.

    To find out, CableTV surveyed five hundred people aged 18+ to ask them a variety of questions regarding their media consumption.

    The median age for media impact came out to be… 16.

    The report reveals multiple facts, including the most influential movies, TV shows, books, and albums.

    It also reveals that:

    • The median age of media impact is 16 years old. By this age, we have hopefully survived puberty, gotten our license, and have started figuring out who we are.
    • Whether we watch them on towering silver screens or smartphones, films are epic and inspirational—especially to teens. Judging by the top 10 films in CableTV’s survey, the themes that resonate with 16-year-olds are football, romance, underdogs, gods, godfathers, and coming of age stories (go figure).
    • 15% of respondents say the Bible is the most impactful book in their lives, ranking it number one on CableTV’s list.

    Read the full report here.

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    Survey Reveals At Wh…

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